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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does The Excellent Solutions do?

The Excellent Solutions give your manuscript the attention they deserve. We edit to improve your manuscript to be clear, concise, purged of spelling errors and repetition. We re-arrange sentences, replace inappropriate words and format your manuscript to adhere to authors guidelines.

Q2: Does The Excellent Solutions have the practical knowledge and skills needed to improve my manuscript?

We have experts in various academic fields. We have the practical knowledge and skills needed to improve your manuscript in clear and concise English that is error-free and ready for submission to reputable journals.

Q3: What types of documents do we accept?

We accept Microsoft Word documents. Manuscript must be submitted in English language. We do not accept manuscript submitted in other format and other languages other than Ms- Word document and English language.

Q4: How do I submit my manuscript?

It is very easy, simply E-mail:,  

Q5: What happens after I submit my manuscript?

Once we receive your manuscript, a manuscript number and the turnaround time required to edit your manuscript will be mailed to the corresponding author within one hour. A managing editor and a language editor will ensure mistakes are corrected and your document is as direct as possible. Finally, within 3 business days the Publication Ready Manuscript will be mailed to the corresponding author.

Q6: Am I required to pay a fee for my manuscript sent to The Excellent Solutions?

The Excellent Solutions charges an editing fee. Our charges are reasonable. Prices depend on the pages of the text.  

Q7: Do I have to make payment before processing my article?

Authors are required to pay the editing fee after manuscript has been accepted for editing.

Q8: What is the turnaround time?

Manuscripts are returned within 3 days. Authors can also negotiate turnaround time if they have an imminent deadline.

Q9: What style will be used by The Excellent Solutions to edit my manuscript?

The Excellent Solutions format manuscript based on the style of the Journal the authors intend to publish.

Q10: Will The Excellent Solutions use my manuscript without my consent?

No, manuscript will not be used without the authors’ consent. Your manuscript is safe with us and will never be provided to third parties without the authors’ consent. The Excellent Solutions takes privacy issues very seriously.