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Journal/ Book Design and Layout

Supplying a full Journal/ Book design and layout service that includes the design of your cover. This can be a template or bespoke design to suit your budget. We can create your illustration or infographics, in-house or by reputable artists to suit your style.

Having your work featured on a journal cover is a striking way to draw readers’ attention and sharpen the impact of your research. Receiving an invitation to display your work on the cover of a journal is exciting, but many researchers feel intimidated. The cover image should be both scientifically sound and artistically sophisticated in appearance.

  • You can submit cover art to many peer reviewed magazines nowadays. Let us provide you with high-quality cover images that meet the requirements of international publications.
  • We also help journals highlight the groundbreaking research they have chosen to feature.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee that the images we produce will meet the stated requirements of the target journal you specify. Should the reviewers raise any issues, we will address them at no further charge. All the diagrams, graphs, and charts we produce for you are fully original and optimally reflect your findings.