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Publish Conference Proceeding / Special Issue

If you are a conference organizer and interested in publishing the academic articles presented in an academic conference in the format of Proceeding Book (with ISBN) or a Special Issue in the journals hosted, please contact us via Email,

Publish Dissertation and Thesis 

Dissertation and Thesis publication are often considered essential if you wish to expand your career in academia or a related profession. Publishing your thesis/dissertation as a book monograph can be used as a building block to an academic career, to influence your discipline and expand your knowledge of the field. As a thesis, your work had a very small readership, but when you get published online it should attract a much larger readership.

We publish academic thesis/dissertation as a thesis monograph with ISBN and DOI.

  • Unique ISBN Assigned to each Thesis/Dissertation
  • You hold the ownership & Copyright of work – You hold full ownership of the completed work and entitled to sell or distribute copies of the book.
  • Publish Online & Print Version
  • No Limits on no. of Pages – You may publish any no. of pages
  • Indexing & Promotion of your Work – Your work will be accessible from major indexing services like Google Scholar.
  • No Deadlines – Submit any time – You may submit your work anytime

Publish Your Research with WoS indexed, Peer-reviewed and Refereed Journals of Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences (BPAS) 

The journal accepts Review Articles, Original Articles and Short Communications.  

Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences (BPAS) Journals

Departments Journals  Name Cosmos Impact Factor
Zoology Bulletin of Pure and  Applied Sciences

Sec. A-Zoology  (Animal Science)       

pISSN-0970-0765    eISSN 2320-3188       

Web of Science Indexed Journal


Botany      Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences

Sec. B –Botany (Plant Sciences)

pISSN-0970-4612   eISSN 2320-3196              

A Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal


Chemistry    Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences

Sec. C – Chemistry (Physical Sciences)

pISSN-0970-4620   eISSN 2320-320X               

A Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal


Physics      Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences

Sec. D – Physics

pISSN-0970-6569 eISSN 2320-3218                

A Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal


Math. & Stat.   Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences

Sec. E – Mathematics and Statistics  

pISSN-0970-6577    eISSN 2320-3226             

A Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal


Geology     Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences 

Sec. F –Geology (Geological Science)

pISSN-0970-4639    eISSN 2320-3234

A Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal

Bio-Science (Microbiology

& Bio-technology)

Bio-Science Research Bulletin

( Microbiology & Bio-technology)

pISSN-0970-0889 eISSN 2320-3161   

A Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal


Library & Information


Library Progress International

(Library & Information Science)

pISSN-0970-1052     eISSN 2320-317X            

A Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal





 Important Information

Paper submission Deadline: MAY 2022

Publication Date for Complete issue:  JUN 2022


Authors are kindly invited to submit their full text papers including conclusions, results, tables, figures and references. The text paper must be according to format. The Full text papers will be accepted in only .doc, and .docx format by E-mail to: Please send your articles in the format of a journal.

For Online manuscript


 The BPAS invites the experts and scientists to join our journal as members of the Advisory Board/ Editorial Board/Referee Board. We are pleased to invite you to join our journal as  editor/referee. The Membership of BPAS is 100% free. Interested candidates can send their resume (CV) to email id: